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I have been a client of Brads for approximately six years. Brad has always been very responsive to the  needs of our company and goes way above and beyond to meet our insurance needs. Due to the nature  of our business, our staff members are not always available at the same time to meet as a group. Brad  and his team have always been available to meet with our staff members, one on one at their  convenience, to ensure their insurance needs are taken care of.  

It’s always comforting to know I have an insurance broker in Brad, who cares about my small business and keeping within my budget to ensure my staff and families insurance needs are covered. 

Joseph Borras 
Soleil 7 Hair Salon

When we started as a small operation, Brad was able to accommodate our modest needs. Growing, and as we grow, Brad is always able to meet our insurance needs expeditiously and affordably. As employee retention became important, Brad has been able to understand what we want to offer benefits and tailor plans accordingly--once again expeditiously and affordably. And best of all, Brad is always available and quick to offer alternatives. A real asset to our operations!

Vincent Sable,
Director of Operations, Bloc 3 Design, Inc.


As an Employer or an Employee, we realize over time that without proper insurance we risk undue health events resulting in loss of time, productivity, money and even life. Working with all major insurance carriers, Anchor Insurance Services offers various types of Employee Benefit Plan options depending on your company's needs.

We offer Fully Insured and Split Funded plans that are attractive to small businesses looking to maximize their premium dollars and decrees their tax exposure.

Our Level Funded plans are perfect for employers that want to move away from “retail” insurance plans in order to benefit from group's low claims in the way of returned premium dollars.

Anchor Insurance can design a Self-insured plan where you can create your own health insurance plan benefits. Anchor Insurance will help you setup the best plan benefits for your group, find a provider of network healthcare professionals, and implement a third-party administrator (TPA) to manage the busywork like filing claims.

Working as a true partner in your shoes, we will implement a long-term health care cost management process to save your company money, keep you out of the insurance business and place you as the employer of choice in the market with a sound Employee Benefits Program.


Become the Employer of choice in your industry.

"46 percent said health insurance was either the deciding factor or a positive influence in choosing their current job”

Feb 14th 2018 Stephen Miller

Attract and Retain the Best Employees

“56 percent of U.S adults with employer – sponsored health benefits said that whether or not they like their health coverage is a key factor in deciding to stay at their current job.”

Feb 14th 2018 Stephen Miller


Whether your company is 10 or 4,000 employees strong, we have over 20 years of experience and the professional team to help businesses and employees grow while staying in compliance and obtaining the most cost-effective approach to group benefits. 

Our team will listen to your needs and concerns to assemble an Employee Benefits program that will attract and retain sought after talent no matter what industry or profession.

By evaluating current employee healthcare cost, we will review different strategies and the advantages of each. Our partnership with your team will implement a long-term health care cost management process to save your company money, keep you out of the insurance business, and elevate you to the employer of choice in the market with a sound Employee Benefits Program.


Do not let the often confusing jargon, enrollment process, and compliance requirements prevent your employees from obtaining the information and access to health and additional benefits they expect and deserve. Understanding the different benefits, from Health and Dental to Life and Disability, is essential in order to determine the right coverage for each employee.

Our team of Benefits Counselors will clearly communicate how the benefits work, along with showing the employee how much you, the employer, are contributing. Our enrollment capabilities can accommodate one-to-one in person, or virtual enrollments to complete computer self-enrollments, depending on the logistical needs of your group.


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Telemedicine Options

The Future of Medicine is Here!

  • $0 Co pay for Doctor Consultations
  • Handle 40% of ER visits- $0 Co-pay
  • Handle 70% of doctor visits-$0 Co-Pay
  • Prescriptions sent to your Pharmacy
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Tele Pet
The above benefits are just the beginning.  Mental Health, Dermatology, Diabetic and Chronic care, in addition to General Medicine, are available through our Telemedicine service. Imagine! One of my clients delivered his first-born child with the extraordinary directions given through telemedicine!

With 24/7/365 access to a national network of doctors, your employees can access many healthcare needs without taking time to schedule and go to an appointment only to sit in an office with other sick people. Virtual consultations are conducted via phone, FaceTime, or internet.

These plans save time and money on your overall healthcare expenditure, and increase your visibility to employees as an employer who cares about their well-being.


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